Retail POS Management Software

Grocery Stores and Supermarket

Grocery Stores are usually the busiest types of businesses. Reducing long lines at check-out creates satisfied customers and improved operational efficiency directly impacts your margins. O-market allows you to operate at maximum efficiency with a system that is speedy, robust and easy to use so that customer-faced transactions are processed quickly, while the back-office systems enable data analysis of all levels of the business for fast, flexible store management.

Electronic and Sale Phones Store

One of the major features an electronic equipment store owner looks for in a point of sale system is serial number tracking. When selling devices such as audio or video components, cellular phones, appliances or virtually anything that has warranties, you must track the person who is purchasing the device. O Market does exactly this with its serial and EMEI number tracking.

Spa and Beauty Salons

If you are running a beauty salon then you are concerned with the satisfaction of your customers. O Market software is simple to use, yet powerful enough to manage your entire business. Get organized, improve customer service, save time, control the stock and drastically increase profits.

General Shop Management

Many people think of Point of Sale (POS) systems as a cash register for ringing up sales. A feature-rich solution, such as Shopkeeper, is more than just a robust POS solution but a fully integrated retail management system that can provide a genuine omni-channel experience for customers. O-Market offers : Multiple/Split Tender, Mix ‘n Match Promotions, Cross Sell/Upsell, Mobility, Dashboards, Fast Transactions, Security, Labor Management, Employees Configuration and Management, Customer Service and more.

Boost your Success

O-Market is a solution for all types of stores both individual and corporate. O-Market includes fast consumer transactions, employee control and security, loyalty software and POS software, and helps increase sales, eliminate waste and control operations.

O-Market is a complete management solution for all retail organizations, including POS, inventory management, sales back office and more.

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