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About Us

MarJo I.T Solutions is a computer company focusing on Point of Sale Systems providing Information Technology solutions for the Hospitality and Retail industries.

Who we are

As the sole distributor of Omega Software, we provide Point of Sale and Enterprise Management Solution to Table Service, Fine Dining, Delivery, Fast food, Casual Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts, Theme Parks and Casinos, Institutional food service organizations and all kinds of retail environments.

Omega Software provides powerful, yet Easy-to-use Software Solutions which help businesses save time, increase efficiency, manage their needs more effectively, perform their day-to-day operations and keep up with the fast changing world.

We offer on-site and remote services to handle your computer repair and maintenance needs for your business. Our technicians are experienced and licensed to handle any computer model and operating system. In addition to that, we offer surveillance systems installations and support.

Our support partners and customers can rely on our 24/7 service!

Professional Quality
Affordable Prices
100% Satisfaction

Our Mission

“Be a partner of choice for our clients and a source of pride for our employees


Our Vision 

MarJo I.T Solutions aims to be one of the top distributors of software solutions for the hospitality industry and the general retail market. In order to serve our customers we continue to grow our national presence, leveraging over 15 years of expertise to offer proven solutions and promote new products. 



Olinder I.T was founded by Mr. Vlademiros Theodosiou in 2001, 28th June and housed in Nicosia Arc. Makarios III & Agapinoros 2 Ave. The company was dedicated to its clients trust and close collaboration. Mr. Theodosiou built a large clientele all over Nicosia which he supported 24/7 on his own. Working with Surveillance Systems, Computer assembling and parts and Software packages the company became well-known to the market.

Moving to Limassol in 2003, a partnership between Omega Software and Olinder I.T was agreed, making Olinder I.T the sole distributor in the Island. The company aimed to be one of the top distributors of software solutions for the hospitality industry and the general retail market.

The company was growing all over the Island and found Paphos – the suitable to its needs city – to be the one to hold the companies main offices as of 2008. Mr. Simos Savva entered the company as a Manager at the beginnings of 2010 and with a great collaboration between Manager and founder; the company has managed to achieve fantastic growth for itself and its partners. In 2016, Mr. Simos Savva stepped in as a partner to Mr. Vlademiros Theodosiou and established new premises to Olinder I.T having not only a workshop but offices and showroom as well.

On March the 15th 2019, the name of the company has changed to MarJo I.T Solutions Ltd.

Now, MarJo I.T Solutions is a pioneer in the next-generation task-oriented, software solutions with immense growth. It has taken too much effort, great dedication and hard work to establish MarJo I.T Solutions Ltd as the partner of choice in this highly competitive market.

Our experience and expertise in management, coordination and cutting-edge technical fields, that found us in the market and your conscious through our former activities, are our strongest argument and guarantee our successful presence.