Hotel Management Software


A complete management software for hotels of all sizes and types.

O-Tel includes:

POS   |   Back Office Management   |   Integration with the hotel restaurants’ POS Sofwtware

Group Reservations

O-Tel allows multiple bookings in a snap, with special discounted rates for Corporate and Travel Agent commissions calculated and accounted for automatically.

Advance Deposit and Refund Options

Handle deposit and refund related functions with ease, generating detailed reports for your records.

Automatic Routing

Sometimes Corporate Guests want to split their charges into one Company bill for their room charge and second Personal bill for their extra charges. O-Tel allows you to create a new invoice and allocate the individual charges to separate invoices. The Auto complete Feature allows you to save these preferences to automatically generate split bills in future.

Multi-Currency Settlement and Bill Printouts

O-Tel allows you to process settlements with multiple currencies and print Bills in foreign currencies.

Bill Split Feature

O-Tel includes a convenient feature allowing you to split the bill depending on the guest’s requirements. You can separate extra charges from the basic room charge, printing two separate invoices. You can also divide the charges between 2 or more guests who have shared a room.

Room Management

Manage the room types, features, amenities, connecting rooms, room status, housekeeping, room statistics, availability, etc.

Direct Billing, City ledger and Transfer Options for Bill Settlement

O-Tel has multiple options to settle the outstanding dues of your guests including direct billing/city ledger with a credit limit feature. The Charges Transfer Function allows you to allocate charges to a different room or guest.

Hotel Status by Room

O-Tel displays each room status [Vacant, Occupied, Dirty, Out of Order, Reserved, Suspended, etc] color coded by status for easy reference.

Room Rates

Set up and manage room rates depending on the room type, room rate code, seasons, guest numbers, special requests e.g. extra bed, etc.

Daily Use Feature

If a guest is leaving on the same day, the system will automatically add a room charge to their bill.

Meal Plan Selection by Room

If you offer meal plans along with the stay, they can be selected while checking in the guest. You can either include the charges in the room rates or show them as extra charges.

Variety of Discount Types

A variety of discount types are available including Flat Discount, Amount Off and Percentage Discount on Total.


O-Tel software Reservations Features allow quick and easy reservations, check in, rates setup, packages, cancelling reservations, turn away, and can display source of revenue, create confirmation letters, etc.

Boost your Success

O-Tel offers a corporate hospitality solution that improves enterprise business intelligence and support, increases guest satisfaction and loyalty and manages room reservations and guest information smoothly.

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