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O_live PoS



Designed for restaurants.

A complete hospitality and guest management tool that will be at the heart of your operation. Backed up with more than 26 years of experience and thousands of installations worldwide.



A POS that allows you to expand beyond your restaurant’s walls.

O-live POS is built specifically for restaurants, and designed by restaurant experts, so it has all the features you need. Powerful enough to meet the needs of every type and size of restaurant.

Do you operate a fine dining, quick service or a delivery operation?
Check out our O-Live Services: 

  • Full Service
    O-live will have you operating at peak efficiency, turning tables faster by helping your staff meet your customers’ demands, from ordinary requests to extraordinary orders.
  • Quick Service
    O-live Quick Service Module helps you increase the volume of transactions by ensuring speed and quality of service to your customers while reducing waste and increasing your operational efficiency.
  • Delivery Operation
    Manage your delicate delivery operation with ease. Deliver orders on time. Manage your fleet of drivers. Handle your customer’s complaints. Accept online delivery orders directly to your POS.
  • Cloud & Offline
    Access your data anywhere, anytime. O-live gives you the flexibility of setting up your POS to work offline or cloud connected.

Run your restaurant with...

Wireless Ordering

Your complete POS is on your IPAD. It allows your staff to give great customer service without leaving their assigned floor section, submit orders at the table, and provide managers with mobile access to stay updated, manage easily and efficiently.

Kitchen Display

Kitchen Monitor is a highly flexible kitchen display system add-on for O-Live that displays orders to your back of house in a clear, organized, and understandable way to increase your kitchen's performance to best serve your customers by ending communication issues between front of house and back of house staff through an easy to understand digital display.

Digital Menu

O-Menu is a Contactless digital menu that allows guests to place their orders in the restaurant by simply scanning a QR code, providing Safety and Security with No-Contact with a Paper Menu. Your Guest’s order will pop up on your Omega P.O.S. for your waiter to process it.

Table Reservation

Online reservations from your website and social media.
Reservations through your website and Instagram are easy with O-Reservation
Your customers see live table availability 24hrs a day
book in a few clicks, and receive automatic SMS and Email confirmations.


Delivery Management

Manage your delicate delivery operation with ease. Customer information and order history is stored for easy retrieval. Recall last order, automatic delivery charge based on geo location, multiple addresses by customer, driver dispatch and tracking, SMS you customers keeping them updated with their order status. O-Live is full features that allows you to fully manage you delivery operation. Extensive customer database allows you to take quick decisions.


Menu Management

Build your menus based on ingredients, descriptions and cooking instructions to help new staff learn your menus fasters. Use color-coded menus to highlight or promote sales of specific items. Set multiple price levels for each item, for example you can have a price for table service, another price for take away and another for delivery. Create and manage optional and auto-suggest modifiers and side dishes. Add multiple pictures per item.

Back Office


O-Track is a powerful mobile application designed for business owners that provides on-the-go access to important information and reports of all the outlets related to their business directly from the palm of their hand. Among the many capabilities of the app, O-Track allows business owners to Track their revenues and operating cost in real-time from anywhere around the globe through their mobile devices.



Queue Management System


Monitor service quality in real-time
  • Optimize service quality and queue service time.
  • Average service and waiting time.
  • Orders Queuing and Data Analytics.
  • Serve More Customers in Less Time
  • Gain Valuable Insights with Tracking & Reporting

Inventory Management

A cloud base Inventory Management solution.

Increase your profit by controling your cost.

Accurate and robust inventory control is a key component of an establishment’s profit margins and overall success.  O-Live Inventory Management is all what you need to manage your inventory accurately.  Purchasing, Wastage, Transfers, Adjustments, Employee meals, Recopies, Production, Calories, reporting and analysis.  Expiry Date management. Minimum and maximum stock level settings with instant notification before you run out of stock.

Manage the stock for one or multiple branches or brands anywhere you are from the same account.

Customer Loyalty & CRM

Merits cloud base Loyalty & CRM solution.

The easiest and most cost effective way to build your own Loyalty Program. Merits provides you with all the tools you need to run a turn-key loyalty program and it takes minutes to set up.

Your customers are a wealth of information as they can help you develop a better product, help you provide a better service, and help you offer more value in your services. With Merits you can manage, analyze, and resolve your customers’ complaints to turn them into meaningful improvement ideas that will increase your business’s performance and build your customer retention.



O-Impact Smart Accounting Solution

An easy-to-use accounting software designed for individuals and businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow, allowing both small and large businesses to keep their books accurate and up to date through an easy to understand interface.

O-Impact’s powerful features simplify the accounting issues faced by all businesses to manage their finances, tax dues, and tax deductions, ensuring that all books are in check and in order.


The point of sale system for hospitality.

Boost your Success

Restaurant Management Software

O-live will have you operating at peak efficiency, turning tables faster and encouraging your customers to come back again and again by helping your staff meet your customers’ demands, from ordinary requests to extraordinary orders.

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