Omega Software CY

GDPR Compliance Policy GDPR Compliance Policy.

  •  Who is collecting the data?
    – is collecting the necessary data to allow the normal functioning of our       eCommerce website:
  • What data is being collected?
    ~ Information collected for all Registered Users:
    – First Name
    – Surname
    – Email Address
    – IP Address
  • If a user fills out their Address information the below information is also collected.
    – Mobile Number
    – Address
    – City
    – Postcode
    – Country
    – Home Telephone Number
    – Title (Optional)
  • What is the legal basis for processing the data?
    ~ The legal basis is “Necessary” we only collect data to complete the functions of the website. Without the data that a user has opted to put into our website we cannot complete the actions of the website or of the services the company offers.


  • Will the data be shared with any third parties?
    ~ The data provided is shared with 3 third party companies.
    G.A.P. Akis Express LTD –
    ~ This is our main courier service that distributes all orders that have been placed by the customer on our website unless they have selected to collect in store.
    The information provided to G.A.P Akis express LTD is vital for us to deliver the clients orders. The following information is provided.
    – First Name
    – Surname
    – Mobile Number / Home Telephone Number
    – Address
    – City

Cytacom Solutions LTD –
~ This is a third-party SMS messaging service that allows us to send marketing SMS messages to any clients who have opted in to receive marketing and promotional material from our company
~ The information provided to Cytacom Solutions LTD is vital for us to send SMS marketing messages that the clients have opted into. The following information is provided to Cytacom Solutions LTD.
– Mobile Number
Google LLC –
~ Google is our third party data processor, this allows us to see the progression of our website and allows us to make the correct decisions to improve the service and product selection our company can offer to our clients.
~ The information provided to Google LLC is vital for us to improve the service we offer our clients, and understand the demographics of our users as a collective group and not as an indiviual client.
– Gender
– IP Address
– Location

  • How will the information be used?
    ~ The information will only be used to fulfil the running requirements of what our website is offering or required to function.
    ~ Clients that have selected to Opt in to our marketing and promotional material will only receive marketing and promotional material from that company and no other third-party company.


  • How long will the data be stored for?
    ~ Client Data will be stored 7 years from their last activity, if a client has not made a purchase within 7 years but is still actively using their account to view products or visit our website, we see this as confirmation they would still like to remain within our system.
    ~ Accounts that have had no activity on our website within 7 years will be completely removed from our Databased, they will also receive confirmation that their account has been removed.


  • What rights does the data subject have?
    ~ The Data subject has the rights to remove all information they have provided to us and stored for the necessary running of our website, the data we provide to third parties cannot be removed by as we do not own the data, however we can assist in the removal of information and instruct our clients on how they can remove all data from a third party that we work with.
    ~ The Data subject has the right to view all data we have collected from them and to request the data in a downloadable and easily readable format.


  • How can the data subject raise a complaint?
    ~ The Data subject can raise a complaint via
    – Email: